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The History of Our Parish

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The history of a parish, as that of the universal Church, is a story of God's love. Persons, buildings. dates, mark the movement of time. Each one is important as an instrument in God's overall plan for the development of a particular segment of the Lord's vineyard.  As we approach the celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the founding of St. Henry's Parish in Charleston, Missouri, we are deeply aware of the countless blessings bestowed on this parish.  Praise and Glory to God and to His Son in the unity of the Holy Spirit for all that has been achieved in our midst.

In our attempt to recount the events of the hundred years, we do so with profound gratitude to all who have made these hundred years truly memorable.  To our Lord, Jesus Christ, we are grateful for the priests whom he sent to serve the people of God in this area.  Our history will only be a sketchy account of their service.  Only the Lord, Himself knows their devotion, their spirit of love and sacrifice.  He will honor them and repay them for their labors.

We are grateful to our Lord for the Sisters whom He sent to serve us during these hundred years.  "Who shall find a valiant woman?" The author of the Book of Proverbs might well seek the answer in the Sisters who served this community in the school and parish.  Without the devoted, unselfish service of the Ursuline Sisters and Sisters of the Most Precious Blood there would have been but little development of Catholic life in this area.

May the Lord Jesus bless and reward the laity, God's People.  Their sense of urgency to establish and maintain a parish family in this portion of Christ's vineyard, impelled them to countless sacrifices of their time, talent and treasure for the upbuilding of the Church of Christ.  The history of the parish is the story of their devotion and sacrifice known to God alone.  To Him, who alone knows how to reward, be honor and glory.

Excerpted from St. Henry Parish 1873 - 1973.

Our parish continues to grow and enrich the lives of its members.  We pray that during our next century, and all the centuries to come, God will continue to bless us generously as he has in the past.  Please follow the growth and accomplishments of St. Henry's Parish and the Church of Southern Missouri by visiting these pages regularly.

If you have a story or other historical information you'd like to share please contact the webmaster by visiting the Contact Us! page linked below.  We expect to expand the story of our parish with each passing year.