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Calvary Cemetery

Photograph of Calvary Cemetery Marquee

Calvary Cemetery Marquee

About Calvary Cemetery

Photograph of Calvary Cemetery Altar dedicated to Fr. Henry C. Petri

Altar in Calvary Cemetery dedicated to Fr. Henry C. Petri.  In front of the altar are the graves of three priests:  Fr. Stocking, Fr. Petri, and Msgr. Schmitt.

Calvary Cemetery is located two miles west of Charleston along the north side of U. S. Highway 62 in Mississippi County, Missouri.  It lays adjacent to the west side of Oak Grove Cemetery ( the much larger county-owned cemetery ) and is south of the Mississippi County Highway Department Headquarters.

Calvary Cemetery is governed by an independent Cemetery Board.  Current members of the Cemetery Board are Hazel Williams, Frances Telker, Randy Thompson, and Josh Thompson.

If you are interested in serving on the Cemetery Board, or in helping with the care of the cemetery, please contact Hazel Williams or Frances Telker.

An altar dedicated to Fr. Henry C. Petri, a former pastor of St. Henry's who served here many years in the early twentieth century, is located in the cemetery.  Fr. Petri's earthly remains are interred front and center of the altar.  To Fr. Petri's right are interred the earthly remains of Fr. Sidney P. Stocking, a priest and native son of our parish.  To Fr. Petri's left are interred the earthly remains of Rev. Msgr. Charles P. Schmitt, a former pastor of St. Henry's who dedicated many years of his life to us in the middle part of the twentieth century.

Cemetery Maintenance

Proper maintenance of mowing and weed eating is difficult when items have been placed on the ground by the monuments.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation and welcome any suggestions or comments regarding the maintenance of the parish cemetery.

Photograph of Calvary Cemetery VFW Monument

VFW Monument located in Calvary Cemetery placed by the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4294 and dedicated to the memory of veterans of all wars.

The parish does not budget for cemetery maintenance.  Cemetery operating funds are received only through the sale of burial plots and from the generosity of individual donors.  All donations received are deposited in the Calvary Cemetery account, separate from parish accounts, and are administered by the Cemetery Board.

If you wish to donate to Calvary Cemetery, please contact any Cemetery Board member or contact the Parish Office.

To purchase a burial plot in Calvary Cemetery, please contact Hazel Williams.

Cemetery Regulations